Selena Goatmez Crashing the Server...

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Selena Goatmez Crashing the Server...

Post  ebouvier on Thu Feb 19, 2015 9:28 pm

Player name: Shreked

This is what I want to talk about: So the other day I was on the server playing as a mayor. Then my bodyguard (Selena Goatmez) Shot and killed me. So I claimed RDM and Zen came over. Thats when the server started to lag. The server was slowly losing connection and Selena repeatedly called me and Zen "niggers, retards," and many other names. Finally I spawned back in and I saw Selena stacking chairs into the ground. (Not sure if you know but you can stack chairs into the ground and unfreeze them and it crashes the server.) But I watched him do it and I have Screenshots.



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