Would you kindly read this.

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Would you kindly read this.

Post  4rson on Fri Feb 20, 2015 11:36 am

This thread is at the admin team in general, and my explanation as to why I get pissed off when admins interfere with my role-play. I haven't been legitimitely banned or jailed on this server, yet I am targetted. The only time I was jailed was from an admin abusing, and he was later removed from the admin team. Other then that one incident my punishment record is squeaky clean. I get pissed when admins immediately suspect me of breaking rules because every single time there are 5 other people mass RDMing, prop killing, or spewing racist shit in chat. I will get prioritized and threatened with a ban for disrespecting admins by an admin that's been AFK/trolling around while a guy RDM's half the server and causes them to leave. People that Mass RDM the entire server with props get 1 hour bans while I'm threatened with permanent bans for simply not wanting to humor an admins "joking around". The line between not wanting to talk to an admin and being disrespectful is almost nonexistent. I've been falsely accused of calling people faggots and n*ggers by staff and fortunatley alpha took action against one of these admins, the other didn't even get warned. With all of this being said I don't feel the view you all have of me is justified and frankly it's unprofessional. If there's one thing I want to be heard it's that I'm not the enemy.


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