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Post  NobodyForumEdition on Fri Jul 17, 2015 11:35 am

Player name: Nobody
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:99178111

I would like to complain about: (write what you would like to complain about here): Ok im not sure where to post this but earlier today i came on and based with proshark123 , as it turns out he had been breaking lots of rules, he had been farming with no one online and supplying guns only to himself, i tell him to not do it again and retaliates and disrespects me, so i drop it. Later on i ended up raiding and killing him, and before i could even finish the raid he ran back, supplied himself a gun and shot me, breaking nlr and revenge rdm me. Again not sure if this is the right place to post this but thanks in advance.

Evidence: (logs) [Server] Nobody has spawned in the server.
This server is running ULX Admin Mod version <SVN> revision 331 by Team Ulysses --
proshark123: maybe you should get a mic if you want to hear stuff
Nobody: are you going to shoot me?
proshark123: well that depends
proshark123: is RP in effect now or not?
Nobody: umm, rp is always in effect
Nobody: what you did was not allowed
proshark123: if it was farming wouldnt be a problem to you
Nobody: well yea
[DarkRP] Payday! You received $45!
Nobody: kinda is
proshark123: and you would have been breaking rules by rdming me with the deagle
Nobody: i called raid tho..
Nobody: are you gonna shot me?
proshark123: and since there was no admins online it was simply self defense
Nobody: your not going to do anything about it
proshark123: even if you called raid
Nobody: wait
proshark123: it was still RDM with the deagle
Nobody: so coming back and shooting me was self defense?

Nobody: how did you get that weapon that you have?
This server is running ULX Admin Mod version <SVN> revision 331 by Team Ulysses --
proshark123: if youve ever read the rules
Nobody: how did you get the guns that you had
Nobody: and currently have?
proshark123: what does that matter
[Server] LORD_IO#Arcana4Wisp has connected to the server.
Nobody: i need to know
Nobody: did you give them to yourself?
proshark123: gun dealers can do that if you didnt know
Nobody: Did you tho
[Server] LORD_IO#Arcana4Wisp has spawned in the server.
Nobody: Did you give yourself guns
proshark123: its when they deny service to the whole server when it becomes a problem
Nobody: did you give yourself your guns/
[DarkRP] Payday! You received $45!
proshark123: this is like arguing with a feminist,you dont take the time to understand what others say so you only use certain info to make
Nobody: DID YOU
proshark123: them look like the bad guy
Nobody: GIVE
* he ran away and wouldnt answer the question *

I realize im not sopposed to blow up peoples printers if i raid as a killer. this was my mistake but it doesnt change the fact that he came back and killed me, and was also farming with an impenitrable base with no one on. i lost the logs before because i left gmod to upload these files, big whoopsy on my part

*cant post external link, i gave the link to crawling tho*
Also, i never mentioned anything about RP not being in effect, he used this excuse every time i tried to call him on his rule breaking

Just now
(OOC) Nobody: proshark, if your going cp please remove your base
(OOC) Nobody: proshark, you may not own a base as a cp
(OOC) proshark123: leave me alone brow
(OOC) Nobody: proshark you cant own a base as a cp
You're playing on NS GAMING | [DarkRP] [Semi-Serious] [FA:S 2.0] [FASTDL], enjoy your stay!
(OOC) proshark123: tell me the rules that says that
(OOC) Nobody: thats common rp knowlage. the pd is your base
Nobody: !motd
(OOC) proshark123: tell me the rule and it will be deleted
(OOC) proshark123: ill change jobs
Nobody: !motd
[DarkRP] Payday! You received $200!
(OOC) proshark123: oh thats strange YOU CANT FIND IT
(OOC) proshark123: maybe bc there is non
(OOC) Nobody: its common knowlage, ill get an admin
(OOC) proshark123: get off my back,mom
You to admins: hey proshark is has a huge base and as a cp
(OOC) proshark123: the rules were udated like 30 mins ago im not deleting it

Now hes weaponchecking me while afk in spawn updating this post
proshark123 killed Nobody using fas2_mp5a5

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Re: proshark123

Post  buggati DAVID on Sat Jul 18, 2015 1:57 am

Hello there.
I've seen your report, and there's rule breaking between you and proshark. Let's cut to the chase now.
First of all, money farming is not against any of the regulations of the server.
I know self-supplying isn't a rule, and deeply I'm not sure if it's one, and I don't know if alpha would say it is truly against the rules or not.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You did break some rules as well. You're (1) one man raiding, you said.
If you did kill him, and he came back and killed you, that's Revenge rdm, not allowed.
Nothing says on the rules regarding of having a base as a CP.
I have seen him fading door abuse. This is against the rules.
Since you said that his base is "impenetrable". We can't prove that it is, since there's no screenshots of the base.
Since you said that he weapon checked you randomly and killed you, that's against the rules.
Honestly, I would have banned you both for breaking the rules. I'm not really sure what to do here. I'll ask the owner to get over here to see his opinion.
-buggati DAVID

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