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Post  Lord_Io on Fri Jul 17, 2015 8:25 pm

My Admin Application

Players Name:(your in game name here)
My Name is Lord_Io which comes from my favorite hero on DOTA2

Steam ID:(your steam ID here)
Why I think I should be admin?(Explain why I think I should be an admin)

Well I feel like I have really come to love the server and all who play on it, out of all the other servers this one is by far the best. After poo loads of time spent joining "crap" servers, I finally found in this vast sea of crap this "Diamond". One of my biggest reasons is because of the owner ([NS] aLpHa), he truly was willing to help no matter the costs just to improve my game play experience. If you don't all ready know i'm really chill,laid back,what ever you want to call it but that being said I will forgive you but if the rules need to be enforced they will be. I may have more experience then some scene I have been an admin on another server prior to this one. After all this being said I just simple love the sever and love to make new friends with anyone. What better way to make more friends then to improve others time on the sever and then being the one who hep everyone out. Lastly we all need the corky funny guy to cheer everyone up well stop searching "you have found your man".
Little more about ME because i have nothing to hide
-Big fan of strategy games (Dawn of war)
-I live in Texas
and if there is really anything els that you would like to know just feel free to ask. ;]  

People that support me in becoming Admin?(write the the in game names of the people who support you in becoming an admin)

I know the following people support me in becoming an admin. starting off with my good friends (Lord Dakka) and (Yes Man),for the other that i have met on the server (proshark123),([NS] Bardock) i know it not a lot but for now i have made some great friends.

This all said and done do you want to hear a Joke about Mushrooms

Why did the Fungi leave the party ???
Because there wasn't mushroom!!!!

OK one more

Whats the only room you can't have in your house???

Sincerely Chandler

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Re: Lord_Io#ArcanaforWisp

Post  [NS] aLpHa on Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:11 pm

You sound like a great candidate for admin on the server + I play and talk with you in the server. As for people supporting you (Bardock), I will also ask him about you as well. You seem like a mature person which would make a great admin and a big + is that you have been admin before on a different server. Give me a couple days more of getting to know you and I'll let you get admin!

note: a huge + on becoming admin is always being on the teamspeak server when your on the server. Please be on teamspeak at all times when your playing on the server, it makes things easy for me and + relationships grow a lot faster on teamspeak.
Heres the info: nsgaming.ts.nfoservers.com
[NS] aLpHa

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