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Post  cobie on Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:52 pm

The opinions on how the Killer class should be handled are kind of split; one side thinks it brings good roleplay and the other thinks it doesn't and should be removed.

Let's compromise, shall we?

In my opinion, the Killer class brings good roleplay when the person playing the killer makes a "spooky" base or when the player sneaks in to a base and lurks around until the homeowner returns but unfortunately the class isn't used this way 85% of the time. New players or bored players typically go in to the class, get a kill in the middle of town, and then wait 10 minutes before they can do it again.

That is not good roleplay.

Like I said before, the Killer class is best when he lures a player into his creepy house, or lurks in someone elses. I think we should add a rule where the Killer class can only kill people in his spooky base or in someone elses base.

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