Willyboi and Eggsly admin aboose

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Willyboi and Eggsly admin aboose

Post  Ackmed on Fri May 06, 2016 7:59 pm

You know i was just playing and then i asked eggsly why he was made admin and he wouldn't answer at all and then i told him dude can you tell me and he says no i don't care and i was trying to just ask a simple question but he never told me so then i bring him to me to see how many hours he has and you know i was steamed so i said squeaker which technically isn't bad when on ts his name is ogsqueaker so i was just calling him his ts name and then i get kicked for admin disrespect. i get back on start a revolution and say #DemoteEggsly2016 because he kicked me for no reason really. i get kicked again for admin disrespect. i get back on again say the same thing and then Willyboi tells eggsly that he has permission to ban me. so i say it one more time after he told me and then i get banned for "Mass admin disrespect". I really don't see how this is fair considering that i was trying to get a simple question answered since I've never seen this kid before.


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