NS does not stand for *Need Staff*

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NS does not stand for *Need Staff* Empty NS does not stand for *Need Staff*

Post  Russianflood on Mon May 09, 2016 5:43 pm

This is an open complaint with a call to action. Having witnessed NS gaming be constantly brought back up to only be shutdown later you'd think that the solution to preventing the server from going down would be a gimme at this point. Sadly that is not the case as currently we are retracing our steps to another failure. I will not get into aLpHa's personal life, as it is not my platform and I doubt he wants me to share his life with everyone, but I will say that the server will be staying up for a while and there is no worry about the server dropping out of no where like it has in the past. The biggest issue facing NS gaming is the quality of the server which is constantly dropping as more and more admins are appointed. This isn't a new problem, this has been the cause for NS's drop in the past as there will be either conflict among admins or there are toxic admins that harm the player base of the server and yes, this is currently happening.

            I will keep names out as there is a large group at this point, but NS currently holds 20+ admins yet there seems to be only 8, if even that, reoccurring admins on the server and among  those "8" only 3-4 know what they are doing. I understand that having several admins is crucial in a DarkRP server as more can be on and doing their job while other admins are dealing with life, yes this the ideal thought but the reality that faces NS is that people wish to have "admin" just to have "admin" nothing more, nothing less. Players crave the title of Admin on NS for the power they get from it. If you read any of the NS admin apps 90% or even higher state that they want to enforce the rules because "they've been on when someone wasn't and it was soo bad". Players just want the power to deal with these situations because they are fed up of just being a player and having to report to an admin. Despite how noticeable it is that someone will be a poor admin and that they are just craving power they still manage to obtain the position, which is not my platform to decide but it is my platform to complain about. This leads to several problems as conflict happens between admins. Now you may be questioning that because there isn't really any conflict shown between admins and to that I say welcome to NS, everyone here is a snake meaning they will say everything behind your back. The quality of admins has therefore dropped and has become an immature group of people simply craving power. As I've said I can only think of 4 that I would consider good quality admins, and I believe that the quality factor of an admin relates with the person's maturity. Now for those jumping to the gun, I have absolutely no problem with younger admins as long as they can do their job and are MATURE, if not then you honestly should not have the position in the first place. The poor quality of our admins directly reflects the server which results in less players and more minges which does greatly harm the server.

          To elaborate more on the current admins that I deem "toxic" let me first establish that I carry no bias in what I am saying and that this all from observation. I have had no corral with any of the admins rather I have become close to many of them and lots of them privately talk with me. The NS staff has honestly earned a reputation of being so brash, egotistical, and swift with judgment that people deem us as an abhorrent server simply due to our staff. Let me reiterate that this applies to all the admins that have been here since THIS establishment of the server and not only to the new staff. Too many times have I've been pulled out of RP or being afk to deal with a sit that another admin is failing to do. The issue is not that the admin does not know something and simply wants to clarify, rather the admin is being so belligerent towards the player that he/she cannot get his point across and needs someone else to discuss with. This scenario is reoccurring and is something that I have become all too familiar with as our admins cannot accept the fact that they might be wrong. I have witnessed several admins get caught up in their own rebuddle that they become incomprehensible in their argument. The player, who in most cases is more mature than the admin, will take note and go off the failure of an argument which further more amplifies the KeyBoard Warrior aspect of our admins and leads to the brash punishment. One of the brash punishment things I have noticed is that our admins love and I mean love the ability to have the final say in any discussion. I was asked to be pulled over by the player, everything is going fine until the admin present begins to PM me saying "This guy is so annoying, I just wanna jail him and move on" which was quite funny as the man we were in a sit in was the person complaining about a rule breaker. Eventually we finish the sit and let him know we will keep our eye open. Later on he calls for an admin and I see the admin on duty go, I happened to be in spawn where the victim was as he was just prop killed, and I witnessed something that blew my mind. An admin showed up and said "Why do you keep on complaining about people!?", like are you being serious? Is your job this stressful to monitor a gaming server that you are going bat shit insane? Anyway I witnessed the 4-6s discussion with the admin pushing the player away and saying "No I am not dealing with your complaints anymore and I have ended this discussion, anymore and I will ban you" This kind of reiterates what I was saying earlier about how immature our admins are as they crave the power and not the responsibility. People want the position of admin for who knows what reasons and once they get it they become deprived of the responsibilities for some reason, as if its a stressful position.

                  Now that I've stated all that about our glorious staff let me dedicate this paragraph to aLpHa. I have had a slight discussion about this with aLpHa and as we all know it is tough to get time to talk with aLpHa hence why I made a public post about it. Anyway, aLpHa has reassured me that he will be functioning a lot more of the server and will be dealing with the issues facing NS that I have stated. This was said 3 weeks ago and yet we still have no update and we still have toxic admins. aLpHa I understand that you are doing a lot to help the server but there are lots of issues facing NS that I cannot see you tackling on your own and with some amazing people within the community there should be no reason for you to do it on your own. You need to reach out to people for help because at this point your word around doing something practically means nothing. NS means a lot to everyone who plays on it and you have appointed yourself as the only higher up to deal with everything, therefore, everything improper is your fault, hate to say it, but you can easily establish the resolution effectively and quickly through help. This is an open complaint and should have no relapse on anyone.

If you have any burning, personal questions just catch me on TS and prepare for the honest truth as I am not a reptile.

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NS does not stand for *Need Staff* Empty Need Staff For NS thats funny

Post  Willyboi on Mon May 09, 2016 5:47 pm

Amen I agree with you flood

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NS does not stand for *Need Staff* Empty rEPLY

Post  shadow_rush353 on Mon May 09, 2016 7:24 pm


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NS does not stand for *Need Staff* Empty RE to this topic

Post  [NS]U.S. Special Forces on Tue May 10, 2016 6:31 pm

AMEN Brother

[NS]U.S. Special Forces

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NS does not stand for *Need Staff* Empty Re: NS does not stand for *Need Staff*

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