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Post  [NS] aLpHa on Mon May 13, 2013 5:00 pm

You must follow this format for making a topic here in the admin application section. If you do not follow the format your topic will be ignored and deleted. This topic is not for posting your admin application topic. If you post on this topic it will be ignored and deleted.

Player name: (your in game name here)
Steam ID: (your steam id here)

Why I think I should be admin? (explain why you think you should be admin)

People that support me in becoming admin: (write the in game names of people who support you in becoming an admin)

Personal note from [NS] aLpHa: I am looking for only a select few really good admins, most people will be turned down a spot for admin. The final and majority of the decision whether someone becomes admin is mine.

note: There is a minimum requirement of 50 hours playtime on the server before you are even considered for admin.

note: Minimum age requirement is 13.
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