Isabelle Bidurah Fidal ban appeal

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Isabelle Bidurah Fidal ban appeal

Post  Isabelle Bidurah Fidal on Sat Mar 25, 2017 4:11 pm

Player name: Im A Bald Eagle
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:56252032

Why I should be unbanned:

I was banned for "rdm as a hobo" for one day (1440 minutes). My hobo associate Jabeeb Booberson and I were spending time looking around the city for a place to sleep for the night when -- all of a sudden -- a man comes into the building we were in and kills us. Disheveled by what had just happened, Jabeeb and I thought it would be more than appropriate to reclaim the sleeping grounds that were wrongfully stolen from us. So our plan of redemption involved going back into the house and reclaiming what was rightfully ours through whatever means necessary (blood and violence). so we killed the intruder. Jabeeb killed him first, netting him an unjust 30 minute ban for the same reason as mentioned above. Then came my turn to show my dedication. I was the next to strike blood which, unreasonably, led to me receiving a 24 hour ban simply for trying to stand my ground against a bully. I'm disgusted that an admin would have the audacity to make such irresponsible decisions and I demand that my ability to join the server be reinstated this instant.

Isabelle Bidurah Fidal

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