xXboxicXx's Appliction <3

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xXboxicXx's Appliction <3

Post  xXboxicXx on Wed May 29, 2013 2:41 pm

My name is: xXboxicXx
My steam ID is: STEAM_0:1:34194733

Why I should be chosen:

I am a friendly, active, fun-loving, and an over all nice guy. I may be 14 but I am a very well experienced gamer and moderator. I know DarkRP rules by heart and have been in positions of authority countless times on servers across Gmod, and have only stopped moderating them due to most of them shutting down because a lack of donators like myself. I am well equipped to serve any [N.S] GAMING server as a moderator, that's right I am not asking for an immediate administrator status because I would not want you or your staff to be forced to simply judge me of this small paragraph of pixels. I would like to possibly meet up with you or any staff simply so you can get to know me before you make your final decision. I would be greatly satisfied with only being a moderator. Thank you for your time,

sincerely, Boxic.

People that support me in becoming admin: NethariusX, cameronrocks2001, CheapRobot, [NLN]leegreenfield1995, Jack (Eclipse), James Baxter, [JFFS]Wittlerowe, KingCroutonl, and I'm sure most of my friends would aswell!


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