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Post  ghlegend195 on Sun Jun 09, 2013 4:48 pm

Player name: [$PED]ghlegend195|AMATERASU-_@
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:46561690

Why I think I should be admin:
- I have spent an abundant amount of time on the NS DarkRP server and plan to spend even more time there.
- I have noted every detail in the MOTD rules.
- I am prepared to enforce those rules with an unyielding discretion.
- I have prior experience to administrating on densely populated servers that have Prop Blockers/Killers, Ddos-ers, and general rule breakers. I am also told I handle and execute said situations with great efficiency and make the server more enjoyable.
- I am a great guy and love having fun :D

People that support me in becoming admin: TO MY KNOWLEDGE: [NS]Memoryx (Note: others may support me. However, I'm not in full realization of these supporters.)

Additive Note(s):
I have been working with another frequent user of your servers(Mexican Jesus) and a select few administrators on the possibility of creating a disguised duo of admins to keep the server civil while no other admins are online. This duo will conduct administrator duties under their same corresponding Steam "civilian" names. This duo will decimate all problems a traditional admin would with the same power, swiftness, and efficiency, all under the cover of the public image. I am open to freely discuss this topic in-game or right here on this forum.

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