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Fluffy's App

Post  fluffytaipan on Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:36 pm

Please use the following format below to apply for a staff position. All questions must be answered and followed exactly prior to review.


Background Information

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:5899778

RPname: Fluffy Taipan

First Name: Luke

About yourself: I Really Enjoy Looking at The Stars at night and i like gaming on my computer very much

Age: 14

[NS] specific questions:

How Active will you be?: I Am Certain To Be On This Server For 2hours or 4hours a day

Estimated time on [NS]: around 1 week

Prior Staff Experience: ([NS] or other games): I am a admin on a minecraft server, a owner on my own server and was a mod on tf2 but for some reason tf2 unistalled it self and i dont have the bandwith to download it again.

Why do you want to become Staff? I Would Like To become apart of NS staff because I Want To Stop The Hackers,Scripters,and exploiters and the other reason why i want to become a staff member is because it will be fun and option for me to help players out.

What can you bring to [NS]: I Can Bring A Variety Of Options to this server for example (helping players through the server,being 100% positive in difficult options and when someone asks me a question i will always reply and be helpful.

What makes you a better Choice than someone else?: Well, I am Friendly,i dont cause a issue with other people and i try to be respectful to any other player on the server

How have you benefited [AG] The Staff and players?:When I Am On The Server And I See Some player is having a issue with another player i will try and resolve

Do you understand that if Accepted, abuse is unacceptable and will be severely punished?  

I understand that abuse is unacceptable and I know that it will lead into severe punishment but that wont happen!

Basic Job Description:
*Be professional at all times, on and off the forums
*Respect Every player equaly
*Be a Role Model To Any Other Inspired Player
*Teach New Players (Even I was new)

Do you agree to and understand the Job Description? (If so, type your RPName in italics and post):


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Re: Fluffy's App

Post  Wolf866 on Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:27 am

....this... isn't the right application format. Like, at all. You used someplace else's. wat.

Use this : http://nsgaming.forumotion.com/t3-admin-application-topic-format


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