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Post  Aycardus on Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:28 pm

Player name: Aycardus

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:36559021

Why I think I should be admin?  Well, to start it off, I enjoy building up small communities. I've been administrating, and owning servers for almost 2 years now. Both Minecraft, and Garry's Mod. I think I'll just start from the beginning.

Again, I started administrating servers about 2 years ago. It began with small servers with just my friends and I on Minecraft. I learned how to set everything up, configure, fix, and set up plugins and permissions through those little servers, as well as some basic coding, and with that, transferred over to a big server, where I then became the Head-Admin. That server was up for a few months, then we transferred over to a mutual friends computer. There we started up MCSquared, another Minecraft server, and had a good player base. I also head-administrated on that server, but the owner had to move, so the server went down because of it, and his new house had a really bad internet connection.

Few months later, we started up DorXiT, another Minecraft community of ours. This time, I Co-Owned it. That was up for about five months, we made about $500 in donations in those five months, which was pretty good, I think, atleast. The owner couldn't pay to keep it up anymore, plus he was moving again, to get a better internet connection.

From there on out it I was pretty much on my own. I started up my own community, PAW Gaming, standing for Post Apocalyptic War, pretty stupid name. Regret ever naming it that. I first started out as a Garry's Mod DarkRP server, and quickly gained my knowledge in very basic LUA, how to configure the Garry's Mod server, add stuff in, etc. It was really hard to get people to play on it, so I switched back over to Minecraft, the game I knew best. That was up for several months, but I lacked the money to keep it up, so I stopped making my own communities, and started helping out others.

I then went to Revo's DarkRP. I became an Admin, was a ton of fun, had a good time over there, but the owner dissapeared and gave no one the payment information, so it went down about two weeks ago. Now, I'm kind of working on a community on the side, but looking for a new Garry's Mod Community to help work on, etc.

Just some information about me, I'm 16 years old, and live in Southern California. If you read above, I have a lot of experience administrating, and setting up servers. Since it's summer, I have a really bad sleeping schedule, but it doesn't bug me. I'm on all hours of the day, from about 10:00 AM in the morning, to about 1-3 in the morning. So, eh, yeah. Sorry if my paragraphs and sentences are a bit choppy, I've had a lot of sugar, my fingers are shaking, and I'm jumping around my room.

So, yeah, I'm a very active gamer. Don't anything else really.

People that support me in becoming admin: Fuzion, SluteGeneral, [FF]Deathshadow, and Redbull ( The one I head-administrated with, and co-owned with, you can contact him on Steam, I'll give you his information if you really want. He will recommend me, etc. )


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