bowsmin [TmBow] Admin app

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bowsmin [TmBow] Admin app

Post  bowsmin on Sun Aug 04, 2013 5:42 pm

Player name: (your in game name here) bowsmin [TmBow]
Steam ID: (your steam id here) STEAM_0:1:48546295

Why I think I should be admin? (explain why you think you should be admin) well so far how long i have been playing i have only seen 2 admins on but i love this server and i would love to keep this server clean and help you guys so i hope you say yes because i really would like to help you guys Smile

People that support me in becoming admin: (write the in game names of people who support you in becoming an admin) Proderf RoboBalls Sasquatch

Personal note from [NS] aLpHa: I am looking for only a select few really good admins, most people will be turned down a spot for admin. The final and majority of the decision whether someone becomes admin is mine.


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