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Post  Russianflood on Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:42 pm

I was just browsing over the forums and kinda thought what could be down to make it better and easier. I am not being offensive in anyway just simply putting my thoughts down towards this topic. The ad's which are seen all around on the homepage and even in the profile of the community players should not be removed but simply moved. I was on my profile trying to customize it when the ad was for this horribly scary thing. Could not close it and had to revisit my profile 4 times before it changed to a different one. Another thing is that we should be able to customize our own individual profiles. I was on mine when the whole story above was taking place and edited my things and it didn't save. There was much to be edited in the first place and nor could i set a Profile picture either. If this is going to be fixed then don't mind me but my last idea is just a more simpler or easier way of navigation throughout the forum. Well this being the actually last saying is that we should have a forum makeover in a since to brighten things up. Personally its kinda down looking.

SO don't take any of this to offensive and there just some personal ideas.  Thanks for your time Cool

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