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Post  Hive_Geek on Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:07 am

1. Cameraman, this is a 1/1 job and is a civilian basically who has a camera to record. Everything he shows through the camera will be projected on TVs which can also be added. They can be a thing everyone can buy hopefully. The positive things about him is that News, mayor hostage videos, terrorist threats, or whatever can happen easier now! I find this one the most outstanding. (Russian's idea, Showing it my support.

2. ATMS , this is a entity all across the city. People put money in and out. You can get interest depending on how long you leave $ in.

3 Scientist , This job allows people to build random contraptions . If we have Wire these contraptions would be cooler!
4. Wiremod

5. Radio , A radio that can have different frequency's one can tune in on. Mob boss's and such can change the freqency they host, and same for police.


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