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Unofficial "Please Read Before Posting" Empty Unofficial "Please Read Before Posting"

Post  TheShifter on Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:13 pm

Before you post, please take this into consideration. There are things that alpha just is not going to add.

These are, but not limited too...
Cars (Cause lag and other problems)
Extreme Rapist
Super Custom HUD (Causes Server Lag)
Ect...(Will be added onto in the future as Alpha declines ideas)

Also, there are ideas that Alpha has confirmed will happen.

Such as....
New, slightly customized, HUD
Half Life 3                                                   (Is Slightly Confirmed By IGN. Go find it.)

So if you were about to post one of these things I have listed, don't. They have already suggested and answered.

"You gave me hope, and then you took it away.
That's enough to make ANYONE dangerous..."  ~Matt Smith
Server Administrator
[NS] TheShifter

Note To Alpha:  If you wish to do this yourself, I will be more than happy to delete this post for you. I just didn't want so see any more people posting asking for things that you have aready confirmed or denied. Thanks


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