[NS] Lord ya goob

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[NS] Lord ya goob

Post  MysteriousGamer3 on Sun Apr 24, 2016 3:08 pm

Ok so I was a cp. And I weapon checked this guy he had no illegal weapons. I said "Alright no weapons good job goodbye" i start walking down the road and he shoots me in the back. I call an admin. Lor responds and takes me and the person to a admin sit. And the entire time im talking Lord refuses to gag the other person while he screams at the top of his longs over my talking. At the end of the sit he says "Well im going to jail both of you". I asked for what reason and he flew away. Why was i jailed for being shot. The logs confirmed it as well as damage logs. I think this admin should have further training or demoted for not having enough knowledge of how to be an admin.

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