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Post  shadow_rush353 on Sun May 15, 2016 8:50 pm

I am done being lied to i am lied being manipulated I am done. I have given the server many tries and oppurtunitys i have played on the server for about 6 days. I am one of the regulars of the servers. But all i get in return is nothing. aLpHa has promised us map changes and updates but whats funny is it never happened even since i joined the server i don't think theirs ever been 1 update and i'm not talking about map changes i am talking about fixing bugs or even adding a plugin. So i am done. I try to make the server more entertaining for other players and have gotten confronted by some of them saying "I would have left along time ago if it wasn't for you" or "your the best admin on the server" but i am done playing and wasting my time on a server that doesn't repay me back for my time so i am done. And I'm not the only one you can ask some of the other admins and they agree and are thinking of quitting as well so here we are in a dilemma all the good admins with a brain are thinking of leaving and all the bad admins are staying (accept for a few) so how do you think the server is going to do? so i am done  Evil or Very Mad  Mad   pale  

aLpHa if you want to contact me you have my steam so we might come to terms.

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