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Post  Russianflood on Mon May 16, 2016 4:34 pm

I understand the annoyance and disappointment of alpha not doing anything but we as a community should not fall apart. If you are posting "I am gonna leave if no update happens" then leave in all honesty because updates are not what make up our community. I too want the for-long promised update but you do not see me making "threats",if you even can call them that, of resigning. Alpha hasn't been on in 5 days and this update has been promised for almost a month, but instead of acting like children and saying we won't eat dinner because its not what we want, we was a community should direct all of this to alpha and make a huge change. Making complaint posts on the forums is great, I think we all did but everyone said they would leave if nothing happened which is a pointless statement. Do any of you really think that once alpha gets online and gets bombarded by the admins that he will not make a change? Basically what my point is once our staff faces a challenge it falls apart completely. Our staff starts complaining to the server players as if it will help or they threaten to quit like I have said before. Our admins have become immature children with no sensibility of controlling their frustration. I am actually happy that this "event" occurred as now our admins show their true immaturity and their inability to do their job. Once alpha gets on lots of changes will happen with the staff which is far more important than a server update, so I applaud our admins that showed their true colors as they will make the NS staff better  Very Happy .
Loosen your big boy pants and wait till alpha gets on, I reassure you that nothing like this will happen again.

       If you posted a thread saying you will leave if nothing happens and you still feel hearty about that then please do the community a favor and leave. Our staff is garbage enough as it is and if you lack the brain capacity to realize that once alpha gets on that things will change, ie. you will return to sucking up alpha instead of talking shit on the forums/ts/server,  then please leave so we can replace you with someone who does not lack brain capacity and is mature.

This video should help https://youtu.be/TmHcfI6HoKA?t=3h14m52s

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Post  Golbez on Mon May 16, 2016 5:25 pm

This has happened time and time again. The server was in limbo for like 2 years from 2013-2015. And ice been part of the community since 2012. He rarely gets anything done. It's not about immaturity, it's the loyal players speaking out because they want to look forward to new additions and addons. No one wants the same material for long periods of time. DarkRP relies on new things to keep it up to date so it doesn't fall behind. Don't shame the ones saying stuff.

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