Physic's Admin Application

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Physic's Admin Application

Post  Physics on Thu Jun 06, 2013 6:24 pm

In game name: Physics
(Real name: Dawson Jensen)

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:60331374

Why I think I should be admin? I want to help out the NSGaming Community and make it a more friendly environment. I will try my hardest to be fair with other players and the issues they are having with other players. My plan to help keep the server clean from people breaking the rules is to warn around 2 times just in case they didn't understand the 1st time, then a kick if they do not listen, then a ban if they continue to break the rules. Please take to consideration that I will be working my hardest to be an admin and will respect the title if given to me. I have 4 years experience of administrating work on roleplaying servers,I am mature,responsible, I am a Very helpfull person,I help anyone that needs help,and never give up on peoples problems until they are solved.I am very nice to players.I am also a very dependent person,confident,and encouraging person.I follow rules very well and know them in any situation

People that support me in becoming admin: None.But think i would fit in

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