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Post  Russianflood on Thu Mar 20, 2014 5:14 pm

Well, I hope you find most of these to be a good idea and add them to the server Very Happy.

1. Cameraman, this is a 1/1 job and is a civilian basically who has a camera to record. Everything he shows through the camera will be projected on TVs which can also be added. They can be a thing everyone can buy hopefully. The positive things about him is that News, mayor hostage videos, terrorist threats, or whatever can happen easier now! I find this one the most outstanding.

2. I think we should get a larger map, not to large, of downtown and perhaps one with shifting weather and days. I know a map like this.

3. Cars, if the new map were to happen cars would be crucial. It would be something for people to save up for and just overall fun.

4. Skins, this is mandatory in my opinion. We need weapon skins, job skins, and if its added in car skins.

5. Another job, DJ. A DJ, which I guarantee you have had this request before, that can purchase a microphone and a mix set and play youtube videos through it which is broadcast-ed to all who have bought a radio.

6. An economy bar, reason I like this idea is that this will encourage people to fight against or for the government. It is a 100% bar and as the economy is higher the government gets more jobs and more benefits. As the bar drops Mobs, gangs, and terrorists get benefits.

7. Crucial jobs, for example Mayor and things. If the mayor is killed, the player playing as the mayor becomes a citizen and someone has to run for mayor. This makes protecting the mayor more important and more fun. We can add a terrorist leader with the same attribute of dying and losing his job.

So, if any of these ideas interest you or you have questions send me a message on steam. Some sidenotes, the economy bar would go down if the mayor died, government officials died, and if the mayor makes bad decisions. We should make a window pop up every 15 mins for the Mayor with a decision. 1 good, 1 ok, the other bad. Depending on his answer slightly affects the economy. We will need to make a rule for COPS not to suicide on purpose to drop the economy.

MORE TO COME lol!  afro  afro  lol! 

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New Ideas. Empty Re: New Ideas.

Post  TheShifter on Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:53 am

Unfortunately, cars will not be added. Alpha has said that they "cause lag and other problems" in another thread about adding cars. A link to this thread can be found Here

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